County Attorney

The County Attorney has the following responsibilities for Martin County:

  • Represents the state in prosecuting misdemeanor criminal cases.
  • Represents the state in contested traffic ticket cases.
  • Represents the state in juvenile and truancy cases. 
  • Works with law enforcement officers in the investigation of criminal cases.
  • Provides legal advice to the Commissioners Court and to other elected officials.
  • Brings civil enforcement actions on behalf of the state or county.
  • Assist the District Attorney upon request.

Misdemeanor criminal cases include all crimes in which the punishment is either a fine alone or a sentence in county jail.  Hot checks of less than $2,500.00 are included in the definition of misdemeanor crimes.  Juvenile cases are crimes which are committed by a person under the age of 17 with no distinction between felonies and misdemeanors.  Felony cases are those which have the potential to result in a state jail sentence, a prison sentence, or the death penalty and are handled by the District Attorney.

The County Attorney is also allowed to maintain a private law practice so long as it does not conflict with his duties to the county, which specifically precludes the defense of criminal matters.